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  • Location - BLC is built in a central location in Nassau making it ideal for transportating goods to and from the facility

  • Container Accomodation- BLC offers dedicated container stand-by space, which allows ease for container off loading

  • Time Saving Offloading and Loading- Units are also raised four feet on one side and two feet on the other which allow for efficient moving of goods, whether by truck or container

  • Security- The premises are monitored 24/7/365 by security personel and 16 surveillance cameras, this lowers the risk for your business



Bahamas Logistic provides the only facility built to withstand extreme disasters in Nassau. Why gamble with your documents stored in a regular office or storage space, when BLC can offer KPMG certified, 24/7 monitored, access controlled storage for your important documents. The generous volume of storage enables businesses to centralize files, which would otherwise be located in several different sites and offices.


This centralization of documents minimizes:

Time - time spent trying to locate necessary documents

Money- money spent on housing documents in otherwise expensive 'in-town' office space

Man power- less perons are needed for document handling when documents are filed efficiently

Vauting and Rotating of Back-up Digital Tapes


Offsite data backups require specific vault storage in the most up to date storage vaults for your media. BLC provides meticulous tape rotation strategies to businesses for their most important media. The professional offsite storage provided by BLC is the most secure and convenient way of avoiding any unforeseen disaster or data loss. Storing your backup tapes offsite is an important component to a risk-reduction strategy. You define how often and when we rotate your tapes, daily or weekly. As our clients get control of their records, many have realized the importance of rotating their digital back-up tapes on a regular basis. With tape backups of your digital information, you'll be able to stage a recovery of your information in the event that your computer systems were compromised.





Be smart, think twice:

  • 60% of all data is held on PC Desktops and laptops. A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds

  • 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime

  • 31% of PC users have lost all of their PC files to events beyond their control

  • 32% of data loss is caused by human error

  • 25% of lost data is due to the failure of a portable drive

  • 44% of data loss is caused by mechanical failures

  • 40% of Small and Medium sized businesses don't back-up their data at all

BLC offers:

  • Peace-of-mind knowing digital media is secure

  • Multiple levels of security

  • Special fire-rated environment

  • Services provided by experienced and reliable personnel

  • Back-up power systems

  • Emergency response capability 24/7/365



Businesses today are consistently challenged with data management. At BLC, through Secure Shores  let us assist you with your needs for redundancy, colocation and any other IT needs you may have. In the event of a disaster, such as a blackout or power failure, getting your company back online is crucial. BLC allows you to install your servers and networking equipment in our state-of-the-art, scalable datacenter facilities. With your equipment safe and secure, and within close proximity to your offices, you can easily manage your own environment, without having to manage your own datacenter. With our Colocation services, there is absolutely no need for you to build, lease or manage your own datacenter. Let us take care of the real estate, while you control your online operations without distraction. Our clients benefit from high levels of connectivity and redundancy, utlizing internet services from both vendors we are able to have 0 downtime.



Disasters are rare. But they are a REALITY. Invest in a Disaster Recovery Solution to lower the loss associated with accidental, intentional deletion or corruption of data and documents, failure of servers, hardware or software or natural and terror-related disasters.


Solutions for Data Can Include:


  • Server Colocation

  • Data Replication

  • Shared or Dedicated Backup Storage Devices

  • Dedicated Office Suites

  • Fully Redundant Optical Network Connectivity to Mutliple Providers

  • Customed Designed Solutions and Planning


The Price of Downtime: What Will an Hour, a Day or a Week Cost Your Business? 43% of businesses that experience a disaster never reopen, and 29% shut their doors within two years. It has been estimated that the average company experiences a total of 87 unscheduled hours of downtime per year. Although people often think in terms of natural disasters, the fact is that human error can account for a staggering 70% of outages. Regardless of the cause, most businesses don’t know the price of a single hour of downtime; consequently, business continuity and disaster recovery plans often take a back seat to other projects that are deemed to have higher priority and have more tangible financial impact. But make no mistake, the impact of downtime and data loss is felt in a variety of ways, and may be immediate or have long-term repercussions.


BLC is able to provide office spaces on a short term basis either shared or dedicated, completely outfitted to your specific needs to ensure that you are not one of the businesses caught without a plan in place.



The effective management of warehouse operations and inventory control are critical to the supply chain of any organisation. The ability to maintain a smooth, constant and efficient flow of goods and services to industry and society provides a significant challenge in terms of processes, organisation and cost. The warehouse has always been seen as an expensive cost centre, BLC reduces this cost by allowing you to achieve the perfect order. Very few companies are in a position to supply on a Just In Time basis and therefore the storage of products becomes inevitable. BLC has years of experience in inventory management and has an impeccable 0 incident record

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