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Who are we? Business Solutions made simple

The Bahamas Logistic Centre activity is coordinated by The Lucayan Group of companies. This highly engineered, concrete structure provides efficient logistic solutions for local and international well established businesses that require services in New Providence. The design concept and business model are based on experience developed abroad adapted to local demands. This makes it the ideal solution for a Disaster Recovery Facility. All of the highest standards used for projects of this nature have been applied to provide the best possible product.

Having considered and reviewed the storage facilities available locally, we thought it prudent to address some of the short comings of the aforementioned.


Our building boasts complete solid reinforced concrete walls and structural members fabricated in concord with the strictest engineering parameters to date. Our maintenance free storage units have no structural components in steel, thereby avoiding the possibility of treatment every few years for rusted truss work and side panels. BLC, in the sum of all of its parts, is specifically designed to withstand with ease the most adverse weather conditions including Category 5 hurricane force winds and major flooding. ​

Furthermore, we have noted that most facilities on the island, if not all, have a zero entry ramp into the unit. In this instance, should flooding occur, water will certainly damage or destroy the majority of material stored.

In response to this dilemma, BLC has a finished floor height of 48" above grade thus raising your storage well above the flood line.

Roof, windows and doors have been selected among the latest, high standard products on the market to provide additional advantages such as great insulation and total protection from extreme weather conditions.


 The premises are protected by a combined sequential alarm and monitoring system, this provides additional layers of security to what is already a fortress-like facility. BLC, is also under 24 hours surveillance by our guards and access is controlled by a single entry point.




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