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Qualified fans can request new cards.

Applications may not be approved in time to be used for next show

Benefit Card is loyalty program of K-Pop Agency created to grant some advantages to card's holders.


These special benefits may be different from show to show subject to what is possible to obtain from the artistis' management, venue conditions, type of show and many other factors out of our control.

We work to make your K-Pop Experience special every time, but our best intention must match the reality of what can possibly done given the conditions.


For other details and information you will be updated directly via e-mail. Your correspondence is confidential, do not forward our e-mails to other parties 


Please, do not use our social media or other social media to make specific or general question on your benefit card.

Avoid to discuss any topic related to this loyalty program as it may create endless discussion that often get out of control for no reason and to no advantage for anyone. 

Just stay tuned and enjoy the show.

thank you for getting closer!

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